Core Values

  • relationships














Tend to Relationships

  • Mutual respect must exist; if we don't have that we won’t be able to do anything else together.

    The relationships we have with others are foundational to our success. They are important. Pay attention to them.

Communicate Effectively

  • It is critical for us to communicate up and down the chain of command internally and across the district. It’s especially important with our families and communities.

Focus on Student Success

  • Notice it doesn’t say achievement; success looks different for every student. 

    We must be intentional about finding ways to measure success. Tests scores are just one way, and are important, but there are many other ways to measure success. Let’s find them and celebrate growth.

Have a Servant Heart

  • Contrary to popular belief, the school business is not about compliance, it is about service. We all get out of bed each day to serve our students, staff, families and community. Bring a servant's heart to the work you do.

Collaboration is Key

  • No one person has all of the right answers. Invite others to the table.  Embrace healthy debate. Be more interested in the right answer than whose answer it is.