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    Early Birds is a family-based, school readiness program designed just for parents!

    This unique family-based, school readiness program arms you with information, activities and materials to use with your young child, supporting you as you give your child the smart start he needs and deserves. The first five years are critical in preparing a child for school success, and we know that school readiness begins long before a child enters a classroom. Early Birds will support you as you become your child’s first and most influential teacher!

    We offer classes for OKCPS Parents of Children from Prenatal to Age 5*

    Early Birds Going Virtual!

    OKCPS is excited to offer Virtual Early Birds this fall!  This free family-based school readiness program arms you with information, activities, and educational toys and books to use with your young child to stimulate their development and learning. Early Birds will support you in your role as your child's first and most influential teacher.  These classes are available for all families living within OKCPS boundaries with children from birth to 5 years old. *Kindergarteners are too old for this program.

    • Classes will be offered through Zoom. You must have a camera on your device so we can see your smiling face!
    • The bags will remain the same, but the lessons have changed a little.
    • Classes will be shortened to last no longer than 1 hour.
    • Classes will be offered at times that work best for parents when children would most likely be asleep. So far, all of the OKCPS classes will be offered at 8pm.
    • One age group will be offered in succession throughout the week in both English and Spanish (0-1 on Sunday ending with 4-5 on Thursday). 
    • Families may pick up their bags on the following Saturday after they have completed their class. Pick-up locations will be the same schools at which classes are normally held and specific details will be announced at the end of class.
    • Fall classes will be held once a month through December. 

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