• Physical Therapy services are available in all Oklahoma City Public Schools as a related service under the Special Education category.

    A related service is defined as a supportive service that may be required to assist a child with a disability to benefit from special education.

    Services provided include:

    1. Comprehensive screenings and/or evaluations of a student's motor function as it is related to achievement of educational goals, and to evaluate the students access and participation in the educational environment.

    2. Plan and implement activities that will support the team identified functional goals and objectives of the students' educational program.  These activities might include balance and coordination, posture, mobility within the school environment, safety, strength and endurance, and participation.

    3. Recommend seating and standing options, assistive technology devices, and assist in identifying architectural barriers that may limit a students participation in educational activities.

    4. Promote cooperative relationships with instructional staff, related service staff, administrators and parents to improve the quality of student services.