Language Dominance & Proficiency Testing

  • A Bilingual Specialist currently provides the following services district-wide:
    • Language dominance and proficiency testing for Special Education services and academic interventions for the classroom.
    • Gathering as much information as possible about the child’s language experiences.
    • Expertise regarding expected second language acquisition and helps determine whether or not concerns are due to normal second language acquisition processes or if they may signal other areas of concern that warrant consideration for further assessment
    • A safeguard against inappropriate referrals to special education.
    • Working with all instructional and related services staff to improve the quality of student achievement.
    • Advocating for the rights of children and families while respecting the unique and diverse needs of each student and family.
    • Promoting practices to ensure safe and nurturing environments that foster a positive learning experience for ELL students.
    • Serving as a liaison between the Special Education Department, child find and language and culture department in providing services to families with children with disabilities.
    You can find out when the Bilingual Specialist will be coming to your school by emailing or calling 587-0426