• Student Discipline 




    The Oklahoma City Public Schools utilizes The Oklahoma City Public Schools Student Code of Conduct which outlines behaviors and a continuum of consequences for such behaviors. The Student Code of Conduct is intended to focus on students exhibiting positive behaviors that demonstrate they have respect for themselves and others; are responsible and prepared to learn; understand all students and adults deserve a safe learning environment.


      • Each student in the school:
        • Knows and acts as if personal rights are balanced by the rights of others
        • Accepts through words and actions that others have different ideas and opinions
        • Understands and allows for others’ and their own mistakes to be a part of learning
      • Each student in the school:
        • Acts in ways that indicate school attendance and learning are a priority
        • Knows and acts as if his or her choices affect everyone
        • Makes choices that support learning for all
    • SAFE
      • Each student in the school:
        • Takes steps to ensure that physical safety for all is a priority
        • Understands social safety is free of put-downs or sarcasm
        • Knows that what happens in and out of school impacts learning



    Suspension Appeals

    Must be submitted by calling (405) 587-STOP or by clicking here.


    Concerns, Comments or Complaints

    Regarding student behavior may be completed online by clicking here or they can be directed to:

    Chuck Tompkins 

    Westwood Student Support Center
    1701 Exchange Avenue
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73108
    (405) 587-0886