• Social Studies

Contact Information

  • Peter Brown
    PK-12 Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator

Social Studies Resources

Social Studies Instructional Materials

    • AMSCO Books (AP Social Studies Courses)
    • Atlas of United States History (United States History)
    • Atlas of World History (World History)
    • Houghton, Mifflin, & Harcourt (HMH) Textbooks (Grades 6th to 8th)
    • Junior Achievement Finance Park (Civics)
    • McGraw Hill Textbooks (Grades 10th to 12th)
    • Nystrom World Atlas (Grades 4th to 7th, World History, and US History)
    • Studies Weekly (Grades Kindergarten to 5th)
    • The DBQ Project (Grades 2nd to 12th)
    • The Story of Oklahoma (Oklahoma History)