• English Language Arts

Contact Information

  • Becky Flynn
    Elementary English Language Arts Curriculum Coordinator

    Christiona Cejda
    Secondary English Language Arts Curriculum Coordinator

    Tonya Laymon
    Literacy Development and Intervention Coordinator

English Language Arts Resources

English Language Arts Instructional Materials

    • Common Lit (Grades 5th to 12th)
    • Heggerty (Grades Kindergarten to 2nd)
    • Into Reading (Grades Kindergarten to 4th)
    • Metropolitan Library ONEcard (Grades Pre-Kindergarten to 12th)
    • NoRedInk (Grades 5th to 12th)
    • Reading Horizons Discovery (Grades Kindergarten to 4th)
    • Reading Horizons Elevate (Grade 5)
    • Scholastic Book Rooms (Grades Kindergarten to 4th)
    • Scholastic Classroom Libraries (Grades Kindergarten to 5th)
    • The DBQ Project (Grades 2nd to 12th)
    • Wiley Blevins (Grades Kindergarten to 5th Grade)