•  Kids using tech

    The ability to work with technology is essential for success in school, college, and careers. Working to guide development of technology skills among K-12 students, the OKCPS Foundational Digital Skills will assist all educators to re-engineer and reimagine the educational environment for digital age learning. Technology should not be viewed as an “elective” and taught in isolation. These skills are a guide for amplifying excellent instruction and empowering innovative teachers and leaders.

    The skills identify which grade levels they are expected to be Introduced (I) , Reinforced (R), and Mastered (M). Optional (O) for Grade Level are left to the discretion of the teacher, who may choose to teach the skills to the students. The skills identified for each grade level align to the expectations of the Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) for Computer Science.

    OKCPS Foundational Digital Skills for PK-5th grade students

    OKCPS Foundational Digital Skills for 6th-12th grade students