Expectations and Student Code of Conduct

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    The Oklahoma City Public Schools Board of Education believes that the schools’ primary goal is to provide a safe environment for learning for all members of the school community. Students are expected to practice academic and personal integrity as they respect the rights of others, are responsible for promoting behavior to support a safe school, free of threatening, intimidating, or harassing behavior as well as behavior that is harmful to themselves, other persons, or property.

    The District expects adults and students to relate in a manner that is respectful, responsible, and safe. When adults teach and model these choices, the result is a positive environment for teaching, studying, and learning.


    Each student in the school:

    Knows and acts as if personal rights are balanced by the rights of others
    Accepts through words and actions that others have different ideas and opinions
    Understands and allows for others’ and their own mistakes to be a part of learning
    Interacts with each other in a way that exhibits mutual courtesy and cordialness


    Each student in the school:

    Acts in ways that indicate school attendance and learning are a priority
    Knows and acts as if his or her choices affect everyone
    Makes choices that support learning for all


    Each student in the school:

    Takes steps to ensure that physical safety for all is a priority
    Understands social safety is free of put downs or sarcasm
    Knows that what happens in and out of school impacts learning


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