What are the warning signs?

  • Your student may be being bullied if he or she:
    • Leaves school with torn, damaged or missing clothing, books or other belongings
    • Has unexplained cuts, bruises, and scratches
    • Has few, if any, friends with whom to spend time
    • Seems afraid to be in school, leave school, ride the school bus, or take part in organized activities with peers
    • Has lost interest in school work or suddenly begins to perform poorly
    • Appears sad, moody, teary or depressed
    • Complains frequently of headaches, stomach aches or other physical ailments
    • Avoids the cafeteria and/or doesn't eat


    Is your child a bully?
    • Does your child exhibit positive views toward violence?
    • Is your child often aggressive towards adults, including teachers?
    • Does your child demonstrate a need to dominate or control others and situations?
    • Is your male child physically stronger than his peers?
    • Does your child show out of control anger issues?
    • Does your child often test limits or break rules?
    • Is your child good at manipulating his/her way out of situations?
    • Does your child show little sympathy towards other who are bullied?
    Is your child being bullied?
    • Does your child often make excuses not to go to school?
    • Is your child often angry, sad, depressed, withdrawn or full of self-loathing?
    • Is your child often emotionally erratic?
    • Does your child come home frequently hurt or injured b a particular person or group of people?
    • Is your child frequently picked on in the presence of others?
    • Does your child often have his/her belongings missing, stolen or taken?