Normal Conflict Versus Bullying



    Normal Conflict



    Equal Power

    Imbalance of Power

    Happens Occasionally

    Repeated negative or covert actions



    Not Serious

    Serious with threats of physical or emotional harm; attempts to hurt through humiliation and/or exclusion that affect social status and relationships of victim

    Equal Emotional Reaction

    Strong emotional reaction from victim; little or no reaction from bully

    Not Seeking Power or Attention

    Seeking power and control

    Not Trying to Get Something

    Attempt to gain power, material things or gain popularity

    Remorse - Takes Responsibility

    No Remorse - Blames victim, may or may not show remorse, manipulative approach may try to make victim believe what they are feeling is not real

    Effort to Solve Problem

    No effort to solve problem, may deny there is a problem; may challenge by asking for specific examples of their behavior