Withdrawing Student for School

  • Whenever a student is moving from Ridgeview to attend another school during the school year, it is the parent’s responsibility to obtain a withdrawal form from the office. This FORM is required prior to the admittance to the new school. Please note: the teachers need one day notice to complete this form and prepare the records necessary for withdrawing the child. Another Oklahoma City School will not enroll your child unless you have a withdrawal form from the school you are leaving.


  • Ridgeview Elementary is happy to accept transfers provided space is available. The transfer process is only good for one year. Each year the transfers are reviewed and acceptance is decided provided all transfer criteria has been met: Students should attend school regularly and be on time. Transfers are accepted per grade level and based on availability each year. Students are expected to behave and be responsible to complete daily work support school related activities and functions. Parents are expected to join and support the Ridgeview PTA.