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    The Media Center is open EVERYDAY for students to check out books.
    Finished with a book? You don't have to wait for your class checkout day!

    8:00 - 3:30

    Media Specialist: Martha Twichell

    Return your books when they are due, so others can enjoy them too!

Check Out Policy

  • We do not charge fines for overdue books. However, if a student loses or damages a book, they will be required to pay for the book. Report card or records will not be issued until the book is paid for or returned.

Book Awards

    The Caldecott Medal is an annual award named in honor of nineteenth-century English illustrator Randolph Caldecott. It is given to the artist of the book voted most distinguished picture book for children published in the United States.

    The Sequoyah Award is a students choice award. During the school year, student from grades three through junior high are encouraged to read titles from the "master list" . Students must read or listen to three or more books in order to vote. After the ballots are counted, the winning book is announced.

    The Newbery Award was the first children's book award. Awarded annually by the American Library Association, it is given for the most distinguished American children's book published the previous year. It is named for the 18th-century English bookseller John Newbery.

Library Media Class

  • The main goal of our class is to promote students being able to:

    • Identify parts of a book & story elements
    • Locate sections of library (e.g. reference, nonfiction, easy reader fiction, ...)
    • Arrange books according to Dewey Decimal System
    • Distinguish & identify fiction and nonfiction
    • Recognize different genres (e.g. poetry, humor, traditional fantasy, ...)
    • Locate & access information utilizing computer & other various resources
    • Utilize research tools

Library Rules

  • 1. Be quiet in all libraries. Quietly ask person in charge for any help you need.

    2. Be responsible for returning your own book and correctly choosing and checking out another book for yourself.

    3. Be a helper. use your shelf marker to put books back in place. Keep our books straight on shelves.

    4. Take good care of our books. No turning down corners, tearing or writing. Keep them out of the reach of younger children and pets at home.

    5. Return books on time and report missing or misplaced books. Perhaps we can find them.

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