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    Club Description

    Meeting Times

    Art Club 

    Paul Sweeney

    We are a club devoted to art and bringing students and art together.

    To be announced

    Asian Club

    Neil Hill

    To promote and better understand the culture of Asian, Pacific Islanders and DESI students that attend this school

    Thursday B Week Lunch

    1st A 200

    2nd B 204

    Black Student Union (BSU)

    Brandon Harney

    The club organizes African American youths to give them a means of expression and social cohesion


    Business Professionals of America (BPA)

    Cassie Petty, 

    Charles Underwood, and

    Nathaniel Aron


    This is a national/state and local club that is co-curricular with state and national competitions, service projects and promotes leadership skills.

    Wednesday Mornings

    7:30 am room L101

    Chess and Games Club

    Nathan Steele

    Open meetings for playing and learning chess.


    Class of 2020

    Charlotte D'Andriole Smith

    Members work on raising money and planning activities towards graduation.


    Class of 2021

    Neil Hill

    Carsen Moon

    Members work on raising money and planning activities towards graduation.


    Class of 2022

    Jennifer Wilson

    Student Officers of Class of 2022


    Class of 2023

    Aubrey Cole

    Members work on raising money and planning activities towards graduation.


    Classen Baseball


    Baseball team


    Classen Softball


    Fast pitch softball team.


    Community Service Club through Rotary

    Charlotte D'Andriole Smith

    high school students focusing on community service


    Culinary Exploration Club (Pot Luck Club)

    Aubrey Cole

    Exploring culture through food

    First B Day Friday during Lunch (both 1st and 2nd lunch)

    Debate Club


    Club for students interested in debate and monologues. Meetings are for preparing for Debate Tournaments, which normally occur on the weekends.


    Discussion Group

    Suzanne Sutton

    High school students meet to discuss philosophical, political, societal, and other topics informally.


    Dog Club

    Carsen Moon

    A club for dog enthusiasts. We volunteer at local animal shelters and host dog meet ups.


    Earth Club

    Charlotte D'Andriole Smith

    Environmental issues

    Tuesday, 1st and 2nd lunch

    FireBalls (Pep Club)

    Neil Hill

    Carson Moon

    Denise McDonald

    To increase student attendance to sporting and performance events. Increase school spirit

    Thursday before School and makeup meeting at Lunch

    French Club

    Brandon Harney

    The club is a way of exploring French culture and language outside of the classroom.


    German Club

    Taylor McKenzie

    Do fun activities loosely related to German

    Irregular meetings based on need

    GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)

    Charlotte D'Andriole Smith

    High school students advocating basic human rights


    Hispanic Union

    Charlotte D’Andriole Smith


    Wednesday, 1st and 2nd lunch


    Kristine Sigman

    HOSA-Future Health Professionals; students learn leadership and health profession skills and compete at State and International level Leadership Conferences.

    2nd Tuesday of every  Month at 7:30 am Room F101 (Every Tuesday, beginning in January)

    International Thespian Society

    Samantha Waldrop

    The Oklahoma Thespians are members of the International Thespian Society and Educational Theatre. EdTA’s student honorary organization, the International Thespian Society, is the world’s largest honor society recognizing excellence and achievement in middle and high school theatre students. More than 2 million students have been inducted into ITS since its beginning in 1929. Through their EdTA membership, Thespians have access to college auditions, scholarship money, and countless other young people with similar interests. Theatre teaches powerful life skills preparing all Thespians for a bright future.


    Key Club

    Aubrey Cole

    Nationally recognized club for community service and leadership for high school

    Friday after school room F109

    Latin Club

    Taylor McKenzie

    Discuss ancient mythology, language, etc.

    Tuesday Mornings 7:30

    Mock Trial

    Dixie Hyatt

    Mock Trial through the Oklahoma Bar Association


    Mu Alpha Theta

    Nathan Steele

    Math Honor Society


    National Honor Society

    Charlotte D'Andriole Smith

    Recognized academic club


    Native American Club

    Charlotte D’Andriole Smith


    Thursday, 1st and 2nd lunch

    Rotary Club

    Neil Hill

    Club activities, social events, and volunteer projects offer networking opportunities that build personal and professional connections

    Before school Mondays A Week

    Spanish Club

    Brooke Lefler

    Practice Spanish & celebrate Hispanic culture beyond the classroom. Participate in activities such as the annual soccer tournament, local festivals & World Language competitions. Create culturally educational events & products for the school community.


    Youth and Government

    Cynthia Rodriguez