Early Start Program - Concurrent Enrollment Program
  • The Early Start program is a developing partnership between OKCPS and Oklahoma City Community College that provides opportunities for eligible students in the Class of 2025 and 2026 to participate in concurrently enrolled courses on the Classen SAS campus. This program serves as a complement to Classen's major programs and participation by some students will be limited or prohibited due to class size and scheduling restrictions. Participating students will be eligible to receive up to three hours of college credit for the completion of a concurrent course. Take a look at the information and resources on this page to learn more about the Early Start program.

    Spring Semester (22-23 School Year) - Early Start Program

    Classen SAS has been approved as a pilot school for the implementation of the Early Start program beginning in the spring semester (22-23 school year). We are planning for our initial course offering to be OCCC's introductory course: Success in College and Life - SCL1003 for three credit hours. Students in the Class of 2026 may also have the option to apply for participation in course(s) offered in the Fall of the 2023-24 school year. Participation in the Early Start program will be limited due to scheduling and program requirements.

    Who is eligible to participate in the Early Start course offered in the spring semester (22-23)?
    Enrollment in the spring course described above will be limited to students who meet the criteria below. If you are interested in taking the course offered in the spring and meet these criteria, please complete the Early Start Program Interest Survey in the main menu.


      • Class of 2026 students that have earned high school credit and have a 3.0 GPA on their transcript. This includes middle school courses taken for high school credit.
      • Class of 2025 students that have earned a 3.0 GPA by the end of 9th grade. This includes middle school courses taken for high school credit.
      • The student must have an eligible course that can be dropped at the end of the first semester to make room for the Early Start course:
        • Core or major program courses cannot be dropped under any circumstances.
        • Courses required for graduation will only be dropped with approval by the head principal.
      • The student's schedule will be changed to accommodate the Early Start course.
      • All approved students and a parent/guardian will be required to attend an Early Start orientation meeting and sign all required forms.

    Early Start - Spring Semester Interest Form

    If you have reviewed the information above, meet all requirements for participation, and would like to be considered for enrollment in the Early Start course offered in the spring semester, please complete the Early Start Interest Form in the main menu on this page. Please note that all student schedules and transcripts will be reviewed to ensure alignment with all requirements prior to approval. A member of the Classen staff will meet with approved students to share information about this review.