Attendance Policy



    In order for students to realize their fullest potential from education, every effort is needed from them to attend all classes. Parents, please contact the school, at 587-5400, preferably by 10 a.m., to verify the reason for a student's absence.

    Attendance Loss of Credit Due to 11 or more Unexcused Absences District Policy: Click for More Information

    The District policy requires students to be in attendance for at least 88 percent of school days in order to receive credit for courses in which the student is enrolled and completes with a passing grade. For example, for a semester of 90 days, to be present at least 88 percent of the school days, the student could not miss more than 10 days of school each of the fall and spring semesters. As allowed by law, students may also receive credit for any courses in which they have grades of 90 percent or higher.

    ● Excused absences include illness or injury; doctor or dental appointments; bereavement; serious illness or emergency in the immediate family; and school bus not running. Submit documentation to the school office to support absence being excused.

    ● Unexcused absences include trips out of town, traffic issues, car trouble, waking up late, etc.

    ● When student absences are due to extended or repeated illness, parent may need to meet with the school nurse and/or other school personnel to provide documentation to excuse the absences, to determine possible causes, and to explore the need for remedial health and/or educational programs for the students, including 504 education plan, homebound instruction, or other interventions deemed appropriate.

    As allowed by law, students in a high school credit course may still receive credit even if they miss more than ten days of the course only if they have a grade of 90 percent or higher.

    Absences Not Included in Maximum Ten Days Per Semester Not counted in the student’s maximum of ten (10) absences per semester: 1. Pre-approved college visit 2. Observance of religious holidays required by student’s religious affiliation 3. School bus not running 4. Disciplinary suspension 5. State and national levels of school-sponsored contests 6. Approved school activities such as science fair, history fair, MATHCOUNTS, athletic events sanctioned by the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association, etc