Outstanding Service Program

  • This program allows members who excel and are actively involved in Key Club to receive and bear a Key Club Medallion or Stole when they graduate.


    Requirements for the Outstanding Service Awards:


    Project is defined as:
    a Key Club sponsored Event that lasts at least 6 hours outside the planning time


    Event is defined as:
    a Key Club sponsored service that does not last 6 hours


    Requirements for receiving Medallions:

    • Pay Your Dues!
    • Regular Key Club attendance each year
    • Work on 3 Events per year in Key Club
    • Work on 1 Project per year in Key Club
    • Lead 1 Project or Event during Key Club


    Membership Requirements for receiving Stoles:

    • Meet the requirements for a Medallion each year for 4 years in Key Club OR
    • Participate in Whiz Kids, work on 3 Events, and lead 1 Project or Event in at least one year of Key Club.
    • OR be President of Key Club


    Projects include:

    Habitat for Humanity
    JETS Haunted House
    Tutoring at an elementary school or Boys & Girls Club for 1 Semester
    Whiz Kids
    Harvest Food Drive (every day for 2 weeks)
    Putnam Heights Carnival
    Holding any Key Club Office (other than President) counts as 1 Project


    Events include:
    Food Bank
    Helping with Harvest Food Drive (less than 6 hours)
    Skyline Saturday Night Alive Dinner
    Gift Wrapping at Christmas
    JETS Party
    Habitat for Humanity
    Highley Park Clean-Up


    At the end of the school year, Projects and Events will be calculated to determine eligibility for Key Club Medallions and/or Stoles. Signing in with the leader of each Project/Event during the Project/Event will be each person’s responsibility. The leader will then get the information to the secretary who will be responsible for keeping the records on the computer and on paper for future years.


    If there are Projects that you are not a part of with which you would like to help, contact a Key Club officer to find out who is head of the Project so that you can get involved. Similarly, if you would like to help lead a Project that has already begun, contact the Project or Event committee chair to do that. Again, it is your responsibility to help us keep track of which Projects and Events you are a part of throughout the year, for checking that your Project/Events are properly accounted for.


    If you have any questions regarding the qualification of any Key Club Activity, see the Key Club Presidents.


    Thank you for your participation. This year is going to be the best yet!