• Lunch & Learn

    Posted by Scot McAdoo on 1/9/2019


    Classen Family,

    I'm very excited to share information about our new Lunch & Learn program with you!  This program will feature brief sessions that deliver a wide variety of exciting and engaging topics to students during lunch.  These topics focus on grade appropriate activities connected with character development, growth mindset, college & career planning, and much more.  Students that attend a Lunch & Learn will receive a FREE piece of pizza and be able to play games and win prizes in each session.  If you have ideas for topics or would like to support this program please email or give us a call.

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  • November Teacher of the Month

    Posted by Scot McAdoo on 12/13/2018

    Classen Family,

    Over the past month we've celebrated two great members of our staff!  Sam Waldrop was nominated by the Faculty as our 2018-19 Teacher of the Year and Johnny Delucia was nominated as the KOCO & Quail Creek Bank November Teacher of the Month.  I love working with these amazing teachers and am so excited about everything they do for the Classen community.  I want to invite everyone to reach out and give them a pat on the back for this well deserved recognition!

    Sam & Johnny

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  • Security Camera Update

    Posted by Scot McAdoo on 11/9/2018

    Classen Family,

    I wanted to provide everyone with an update on our Security Management Plan.  We have been working closely with our district Safety team on a couple items in the plan and I am happy to announce that the installation of our new state of the art security camera surveillance system will begin on November 26th.  This project will take a couple of weeks and should be completely finished before we leave for the December break.  Our new system will provide 24/7 surveillance of our campus with high definition playback capabilities.  We are also collecting quotes for the replacement of the two gates in the rear of the campus that will limit outside access to our buildings.

    If you ever have any questions or would like to support our efforts to improve our campus please feel free to email me any time.


    Mr. McAdoo

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  • Financial Aid & FASFA Night

    Posted by Scot McAdoo on 10/31/2018

    Senior Graduation Series

    All senior families are invited to join us in the Classen library on November 8th from 6:00PM-7:30PM for our Financial Aid FASFA information night.  We will be providing information on the following topics:

    $ College: Getting There From Here
        Edward D. Jones

    $ College Financial Aid
            OCCC Admissions

    $ FASFA Assistance

    Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza

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  • Student Safety

    Posted by Scot McAdoo on 10/23/2018

    I previously commented on our plans to implement several projects targeting student safety and wanted to share some additional thoughts that will work to achieve our shared commitment to create a welcoming and safe school:

    • Extracurricular Activities. We love student participation in extracurricular activites and strive to offer a holistic instructional program that addresses the needs of our students in and out of the classroom.  Participation in these programs often require students to arrive early or stay late.  To maximize student safety in these settings we require all participants to report directly to their activity sponsor.  Students should remain with their sponsor until they receive permission to leave.
    • Student Pickup. Classen's final bell rings at 4:00PM.  We ask that parents or guardians arrive for pickup no later than 4:30PM.  Arrangements to pick up students must be made in advance to avoid safety issues.
    • Lunch Time.  Classen follows a closed campus policy.  Students are not permitted to leave campus at any time without permission.  Food deliveries by oustide vendors create potential safety issues and are also not permitted.  We do, however, fully encourage parents or guardians to come up and join us for lunch!
    • Be Vigilant. We ask that all our members of the Classen family remain vigilant and notify the administrative staff if they see anyting that seems out of place.
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  • Parent/Teacher Conference Success

    Posted by Scot McAdoo on 9/14/2018 12:00:00 PM

    Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Our Fall parent conferences were a success with over 1,300 individual conferences held over two days.  If you didn't get a chance to attend a conference with a teacher please feel free to reach out to us and schedule a time.  We would love to meet with you!  The end of the 1st nine weeks is September 28th.  It's important to note that grades are calculated using a cumulative semester grading system rather than the average of nine week grades in a semester.

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  • PRE-ACT and PSAT Assessments

    Posted by Scot McAdoo on 9/13/2018 2:00:00 AM

    PreACT and PSAT Tests coming in October

    All Sophomores will participate in the mandatory PreACT test on Thursday, October 4th during school.  Sophomores and Juniors that signed up for the optional PSAT will take this test on Wednesday, October 10th during the first week of Fall break.


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  • Classen Excellence

    Posted by Scot McAdoo on 9/7/2018

     Shout out to the Classen SAS Jazz Choir!

    Jazz Choir
    I recently received an invite to join the Jazz Choir for an impromptu performance in Mrs. Lindley's room and can proudly reaffirm that Classen SAS has the most talented kids in this or any other state in the union!

    #Excellence in Action!

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  • Senior Graduation Series

    Posted by Scot McAdoo on 8/24/2018

    Senior Graduation Series

    During a recent meeting with our Classen seniors I spoke about how fast this year will fly by and urged our upper classmen to enjoy every moment.  We will begin planning for prom, graduation, and all other senior ceremonies before we know it.  Along with these milestones it is equally important to begin discussions about life after Classen.  It is with this in mind that we will be kicking off our year long Senior Graduation Series on August 30th @ 6:00pm in the Classen auditorium.  This series will provide a wide variety of resources and information to our seniors as they prepare for college and beyond.  Sample topics include FAFSA, scholarship applications, concurrent enrollment, building a resume, interview skills, and much more.  The series will also feature access to college representatives, guest speakers, and community business partners.

    All senior families are invited to our kickoff event next Thursday!

    See you there!



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  • Safety & Security

    Posted by Scot McAdoo on 8/23/2018

    Student safety is a top priority at Classen.  I wanted to make the Classen community aware of some of the projects we are developing for this school year and beyond.  We are working directly with the district security team on projects we believe will have a direct impact on the overall safety and security at Classen.  Please review a few of these projects below:

    1) Upgraded Video Surveillance System:

    • Classen SAS is working on a plan to install a High Definition analytic software Video Surveillance system.  This will replace the existing old analog system which had 10 of 16 operational cameras.  The new system will contain 80 exterior/interior cameras strategically located to provide the highest level of safeguards for the school.  These cameras will be high definition, capable of analytic smart technology.

    2) Facility Door Numbering:

    • Classen SAS will receive highly reflective/adhesive numbering, which will be affixed to all exterior doors.  This numbering will aid the school and first responders in a rapid identification system to eliminate wasted time when responding.

    3) Gates:

    • Replacement of the stolen gates to the courtyard/annex/main building area is a topic of concern.  Further meetings need to occur to ensure the designs for these gates are reflective of sound security measures and are within adequate construction codes.  The installation of gates to this area will offer a much safer common area for students.
      Identifying funds for this installation will be necessary.

    4) Door Alarms:

    • Alarm devices are to be wired in with the existing door contacts on exterior doors.  These devices aide school staff with rapid identification when doors are opened in situations where they should otherwise be closed.  This identification allows staff to look into the situation and will further increase the capabilities of the video surveillance system.  School staff will have keys to be able to reset these alarm devices.

    5) Secured Entry:

    • This is the longer of the expected projects.  Classen SAS is scheduled for a secured entry to be installed, which will provide video intercom interfacing tied into the Video Surveillance system.  Visitors will first request access to the school through this system and school staff will grant access to all visitors after interfacing.  Upon entry visitors will only be allowed to go to the office and process through for further access to the school.

    6) Improved Staff Emergency Response Planning:

    • Staff will engage in high quality professional development connected to effective response planning for a wide range of emergencies that could potentially occur on the Classen SAS campus.

    I would like to invite you to become an active participant in the PTSA and take an active role in the discussions concerning the safety and security of our students.



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