Extracurricular Activities

  • Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School (BIEMS) desires to promote the growth and development of its students through extracurricular activities which foster positive attributes of student life, such as academics, community, and character. BIEMS student groups, including but not limited to Student Council, School clubs, and intramural sports, who desire to use the BIEMS building, parking lot, or playing fields (collectively and individually the "BIEMS Facility"), shall submit a written request to use the BIEMS Facility to School Principal.


    All requests to use the BIEMS Facility shall include the following information, and all such additional information as may be deemed necessary by either the School Principal or the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors:


    a. Purpose of the event, i.e., promoting the School's mission;

    b. Nature of use, i.e., description of activity or event;

    c. specific date and time of use;

    d. Approximate number of participants or attendees;

    e. Number of adult supervisors, i.e., teachers, parents, etc.;

    f. Any special logistical requirements, i., tables, chairs, etc.;

    g. Responsibility for clean-up, if applicable;

    h. The manner in which the activity or event will be funded, if applicable; and

    i. Other relevant information.


    After receiving the request, the Principal shall forward it to the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee and the Principal shall review each request and thereafter make a decision of approving or disapproving the request.



    Guidelines for School Dances. If a request to the use the BIEMS Facility for a School dance is approved, such event shall be subject to the following guidelines:


    a. An admission fee may be charged to be payable in advance of the event;

    b. Non-adult attendees will be met at the entry door by an adult;

    c. Attendance may be by invitation only;

    d. Admittance may be contingent on appropriate attire;

    e. Students will not be allowed to return to the dance if they leave early;

    f. If a student is asked to leave the dance, the student will remain at the exit door with an adult until transportation arrives.

    g. Only BIEMS students will be allowed admittance;

    h. While dancing, students should remain at an appropriate distance form their partner so as to allow a hand to pass between them; and

    i. Such other guidelines as may be deemed necessary depending on the circumstances of each request for a school dance.


    Adopted December 1998.