Honor Code

  • The ensuring of a student's academic and intellectual competency is central to the mission of the Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School. Students are expected to work hard on their studies, dedicating themselves to the continual pursuit of knowledge and understanding.


    Students will be respectful of themselves and others at all times, treating people with courtesy, and consideration for their feelings.


    Students will exhibit speech and conduct that improve and support the learning environment. Students will arrive promptly for class or other scheduled school events, prepared to continue learning.


    Students choices will always be in the best interest of the other students, the teachers, the school, and themselves.


    Students will wear proper attire as defined by the Belle Isle Middle School dress code while at school or scheduled school events.


    While on campus or at scheduled school events, students will only possess items necessary for the learning environment of the school, never anything that would distract from or disturb that learning environment.


    Every student is a representative for the standards and ethics of the Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School. Students will be held accountable for their behavior as it reflects on the school. The Teachers, Principal, and adults in charge are the authority in the school situation.


    I, as a student of the Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School. hereby pledge that: 1)I have read and understand the Honor Code and Discipline Plan. 2) I have reviewed the Honor Code and Discipline Plan with my parent(s) or guardian. 3) I will fully and completely abide by the Honor Code.



    The undersigned parent understands and acknowledges that the school day at Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School is from 9:10 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. The undersigned further understands that unless my child is participating in an extracurricular activity sponsored by the school, that no supervision will be offered to the student after the school day and that the building will be closed by 4:30 p.m. unless extracurricular activities or taking place. The undersigned further understands that unless I have completed the Transportation Survey stating that my child should ride the bus, that it is my responsibility to make arrangements for my child's arrival to and departure from school each day.