School Discipline Policy

  •                                       Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School Discipline Policy




    BIEMS enrolls students willing to accept the concepts of personal dignity and responsibility through a combined commitment to scholarly effort, courteous behavior and respect for others. The Parent-Student School Agreement reflects the student’s agreement to abide by the Honor Code and other policies of the school, including the BIEMS Discipline Plan. The Honor Code and Discipline Plan apply to all students during all school-related activities, both on and off campus.   As reflected in the Discipline Plan, violations of the honor code may result in dismissal from the program at the end of the school year.


    Positive Consequences:


    Honor Code: Everyone’s name will be on this roll at the beginning of the each nine weeks. Any time a student earns a mark, detention, or a suspension, his or her name will be removed. All students who remain on the Honor Code for each quarter will be rewarded with a special event or privilege. Additional appropriate rewards will be given to students by teachers at their discretion.


    Possible Negative Consequences:


    For violations of the Honor Code which are subject to progressive discipline, the following apply:


    Disciplinary Marks:   All teachers and staff members are responsible for accurately recording their assigned disciplinary marks on the school portal.  The teacher or staff member who assigns a disciplinary mark which causes a student to reach a step is responsible for making the parent contact required.



    When a student violates the Honor Code, the teacher in charge or the supervising adult will notify the student of the offense and the proper behavior that is expected. The student will be warned that if the behavior is repeated, he or she will earn a mark.


    Mark 1: The teacher or supervising adult will record the mark on the school portal

                              and will provide an oral reprimand, in order that the student has no misunderstanding

                               about the inappropriate behavior.


    Mark 2: The teacher or supervising adult will record the mark on the school portal.

                 If a student has earned the second mark in a single class period, the student

                 will be placed in another teacher’s classroom and will remain there for the rest

                 of that class period.


    Mark 3: The teacher or supervising adult will record the mark on the school portal. If a

                 student earns three marks for misbehavior within ten consecutive school days,

                 the student progresses a step on the discipline plan and shall receive the corresponding          

                 consequence for the step.



    Progressive Discipline Steps: Consequences for students who violate the Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School Honor Code shall be progressive based on marks accumulated throughout the year. Team teachers will assign detentions for students reaching Steps 1-3. Detentions will be held during lunch periods. Students will get their lunch trays at the beginning of the lunch period and eat in isolation in a room designated for lunch detention. Parents will be notified by phone. If a parent cannot be reached by phone, the school will mail a letter to the home. Students reaching Step 4 or higher will be referred an administrator.



    Step 1: 3 Marks in 10 consecutive school days; 1 day detention and parent contact


    Step 2:  An additional 3 Marks in 10 consecutive school days; 2 days detention and parent contact


    Step 3:  An additional 3 Marks in 10 consecutive school days; 2 days detention and request for parent conference to

                determine a Behavioral Support Plan for the student


    Step 4:  An additional 3 Marks in 10 consecutive school days; 1 day in-school suspension (ISS) / out of school

                suspension (OSS) and parent contact.


    Step 5:  An additional 3 Marks in 10 consecutive school days; 2 days ISS / OSS and request for parent conference

    Step 6:  An additional 3 Marks in 10 consecutive school days; 3 days ISS / OSS and a team conference to review

    the student’s Behavioral Support Plan to determine if the student’s transfer should be revoked for the next school year


    Student Code of Conduct: Belle Isle Enterprise administrators and teachers will follow the Oklahoma City Public Schools Student Code of Conduct when assigning consequences for inappropriate or disruptive student behavior. The district Student Code of Conduct in its entirety is published in the district Student and Parent Handbook.


    Removing a Step: If a student has earned several detentions or suspensions and wishes to remove a step from his evidentiary sheet, he or she must first meet with his or her team of teachers. With their approval, the student will be placed on a behavior checklist for ten consecutive days. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure all of his or her teachers sign the checklist after every class period. If the student successfully completes the two-week period with no behavior marks on the behavior checklist and with all assignments completed and turned in on time, the team will move the student up one step on the evidentiary sheet.


    Grading Policy: Classroom assignments and homework are included with test scores in determining the quarterly grade in a subject. It is expected that classroom assignments be completed in class and homework and assignments be turned in by the deadline given by each teacher.

    Repeated Misbehavior: Suspending a student from school is reserved for the most serious offenses or the most constant misbehavior. It is instituted at the request of an administrator in consultation with the appropriate teachers and parents. After a student has served three detentions, continued disruption of the educational process will result in a suspension. The first suspension will be for one day. Subsequent suspensions will increase by one day. Suspended students are expected to keep up with their schoolwork.


    Immediate Sanctions for Severe Misbehavior: The student is immediately referred to the office. The assigned suspension may be a short-term suspension (from one to ten days) or a long-term suspension (longer than ten days), depending upon the severity of the infraction. In the case of a long-term suspension, an impartial hearing officer will determine the guilt or innocence of the accused student. In most cases, this is a principal or assistant principal of another school.


    Conduct Resulting in Immediate Sanction:


    1. Touching another student with the intent to do harm or injury.
    2. Possession of a weapon or a replica of a weapon.
    3. Gang activity
    4. Vandalism, intentional destruction of school or another person’s


    1. Sexual misconduct or harassment
    2. Use or possession of tobacco products
    3. Possession of any drug or medication outside the provisions of school policy and procedures.
    4. Other forms of misbehavior designated as reasons for short-term or

         long-term suspension listed in the Oklahoma City Schools Student




    Confiscation: In addition to the procedures identified above, any items in a student’s possession which are not necessary for the learning environment of the school will be confiscated. The school will return the confiscated items to a parent who requests return before the end of the school year.