Each student at Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School has the right to: 

    • Learn in a safe and friendly place
    • Grow and learn without encountering harassment about race, gender, religion, or ethnic group
    • Be free of harassment about appearance, dress, learning style, interests, or behaviors
    • Receive the help of caring adults if any of the above rights are violated


    Bullying may be defined as aggression in which one child, or a group of children, engages in unprovoked and repeated physical, verbal, social, or emotional harm against another student. 


    What a student should do if they feel they are being bullied or witness someone else being bullied.

    • Let an adult know  
      • Teacher
      • Assistant Principal
      • Principal
      • Counselor
      • School Nurse



    Any student at Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School that is bullying or harassing another student will receive:

    • First time the bully will receive a warning
    • Second time will the bully will receive Lunch Detention
    • Third time the bully will receive In School Suspension
    • Fourth time the bully will be suspended


    Report a Bullying Incident by Clicking Here