About Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School

  • Overview

    Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School was founded in 1998 on the belief that education can solve social problems, that teachers want to become more skilled, and that students want to learn. Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School has created a school climate of mutual respect and high expectations for all students. Teachers and students not only hold themselves accountable for upholding the school’s honor code but hold each other accountable as well.  A school-wide philosophy of continuous improvement guides all stakeholders in pursuing better ways to enhance and support student achievement. Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School was recognized nationally as a NCLB Blue Ribbon School and named one of the state’s Best Practices Schools.  

    Location and Grades Served

    Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School serves grades 5-8 at two locations.

    • Grades 5th and 6th attend school at 8400 Greystone Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK  73120
    • Grades 7th and 8th attend school at 5904 N Villa, Oklahoma City, OK  73112

    School Hours

    9:10 am – 4:00 pm

    Our Core Beliefs

    • All children can learn
    • Climate of mutual respect
    • Building self-esteem
    • Positive teacher attitude and responsibility
    • Setting high expectations
    • Developing teacher knowledge and skills


    At Belle Isle, teachers understand the characteristics of early adolescent children and work to develop positive personal relationships with all students. The school relies on authentic materials rather than textbooks. Because using multiple sources presents challenges of its own, our staff work collaboratively to ensure student success, and refine content areas to improve instruction. 

    All of our students receive accelerated, in-depth instruction in language arts, science, social studies, and mathematics. In addition, 6th-8th grade students are required to take foreign language classes. Students have the opportunity to gain up to four high school credits before graduating, allowing them to take advantage of additional upper-level math and foreign language courses in high school.  Fine arts classes include orchestra, band, vocal music, music appreciation, girls’ choir, mixed choir, theater and visual arts. 

    Odyssey Program

    Odyssey is a four day per week 45-minute class for all students at Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School.  Students are assigned or choose classes during this class period for a 3-week period.  Students who need remediation in language arts and math are assigned to intervention classes, while students who are not completing assignments are assigned to a monitored study hall. Students who are in good standing may choose from a variety of enrichment activities including symphony orchestra, archery, Lego building, reading, sports and games, costume design, zumba, origami, print-making, and more.  These enrichment classes also allow teachers to share their hobbies and interests with students across all grade levels.  

    Block Schedule

    An A/B block schedule gives students the ability to take eight classes. Teachers are expected to engage students in learning productively from bell to bell. The 90-minute block schedule allows teachers to introduce a new concept in a lecture, and follow it up with active learning. Students like the longer class periods and the A/B schedule: “If you don’t get something, you have a day to go ask for help before the next class,” a student explained.   


    Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School participates in OKCPS athletics and competes against other middle schools in the district. We currently have teams in basketball, baseball, softball and soccer. 

    Other information

    • Board District Location: 2
    • US Congressional District: 5
    • State Senate District: 40
    • State House District: 85
    • County Commisioner District: 1
    • City Council Ward: OKC 2