About Northwest Classen

  • Northwest Classen HS Building

    Serves students in grades 9th through 12th.

    School Mascot: Knights

    School Hours
    7:35 am - 2:25 pm

    Other School Facts:

    • Board District Location: 3
    • US Congressional District: 5
    • State Senate District: 30
    • State House District: 88
    • County Commisioner District: 1
    • City Council Ward: OKC 2

    Northwest Classen Focus:  

    The mission of Northwest Classen High School is to increase student achievement.

    Northwest Classen Mission Statement:

    Northwest Classen High School will provide its community a challenging, supportive and creative environment in which to develop lifelong learning and proper social skills.

    Northwest Classen Belief Statements:

    1. We believe all decisions should be consistent with our mission and goals, be data based, be anchored in sound theory and practice, and be focused on what is best for the short and long term interests of all students.
    2. We believe all decisions should be made at the most appropriate level in the organization and should be as close to the point of implementation as possible. The competency and commitment levels of those involved will help determine the appropriate level.
    3. We believe our behavior should promote and encourage empowerment throughout our organization. Empowerment should be highly individualized and be a function of their development on the maturity continuum within the context of belief statement #1.
    4. We believe we have an obligation to establish and maintain cohesive interdependent teams that have a high commitment to the organization’s mission and goals.
    5. We believe our behavior should promote and encourage professional autonomy and growth from independence to interdependence for individuals and teams throughout the organization.
    6. We believe we have an obligation to build in quality control and quality assurance strategies throughout the organization. Building feedback loops into the system will assist leaders in aligning the mission, strategies, structures, and systems to ensure quality control and assurance throughout the organization.
    7. We believe we should work together with parents and community to provide a positive, optimal learning environment for the physical, emotional, social, and academic growth of all students.
    8. We believe every individual deserves respect and has the right to meet his or her potential.
    9. We believe we should use a variety of teaching techniques to meet each student’s needs and give each student opportunities to feel successful.
    10. We believe students should be challenged to develop life strategies for the real world through technology, organizational skills, and academic knowledge.



    School Motto:

    “You-Knighted by Pride and Loyalty”