Partnering for Student Success

  • At Northwest Classen High School, school staff, parents, and students share in the responsibility for improved student achievement and build partnerships that will support the students in reaching the State’s academic standards. 


    Specifically, the school will ensure:

    All students have access to a high-quality curriculum and a supporting, effective, and safe school environment.

    • Parent-teacher conferences are held regularly and offered at times parents can attend.
    • Reports on student progress are sent home regularly and accessible on Smart Web.
    • Parents are provided the opportunity to volunteer at the school or participate in their child’s education.


    In the Classroom

    Northwest Classen High School teachers  will work with students and their families to improve achievement. 

    Specifically, teachers will:

    • Establish high expectations for every student.
    • Communicate regularly with families about student progress.
    • Provide a safe, caring,  and supportive classroom.
    • Participate in professional development opportunities that improve the formation of partnerships with parents and the community.


    At Home

    Northwest Classen High School parents will also be partners in improving student achievement.  

    Specifically, parents can do their personal best to:

    • Ensure their child(ren) attend school everyday.
    • Monitor the progress of their child(ren) by communicating with the classroom teacher.
    • Attend parent meetings and events and provide input and feedback about decisions made at the school.


     View the Parent Involvement Policy