Northwest Classen High School Uniform Policy

  • NWC2

    NOTE: The safety and security of all Northwest Classen High School (NWC) students necessitates quick and easy identification of our students by law enforcement in the event of an emergency situation. Student uniforms allow easy visual recognition by school personnel and law enforcement.



    • School lanyard with ID badge must be worn at all times. (Replacements cost $5 per instance.)


    • Must be sized appropriately, shoulder seams not less than three fingers wide, not see-through or mesh.
    • Approved colors: Purple, Gold, White, Black, Grey (Unapproved colors even with school logo are not to be worn as uniform equivalent.)


    •  Only NWC Knights graphics may be used for uniform clothing.
    •  Graphics shall be done in approved colors with small deviations such as small accent lines, etc.
    •  Program, club, spirit, and athletic team fundraising apparel shall follow dress code protocol for colors and graphics.
    •  Designs must be reviewed and approved by NWC administration.

    PANTS :

    • Must fit and be worn at waistline.
    • No compromise of the fabric above mid-thigh length (No Holes, Rips, Tears, Etc.)
    • Workout, exercise, yoga garments are NOT acceptable school uniform
    • Sweatpants in school colors, black, or gray are acceptable.
    • Approved colors: Black, Khaki, Gray, Denim (Stretchy jeans with pockets are allowable)
    • Leggings are not allowed as pants. Leggings are allowed as hosiery ONLY and in Pants colors only. Acceptable only UNDER other approved uniform clothing.


    • Must be in one of the approved pants colors. Same rules need to apply to compromise of material.
    • Length must be a least mid-thigh.

    Skirts or dresses:

    • Must be in school colors and mid-thigh or longer.


    • Necessary athletic apparel for class is acceptable in that class only. Dress in and dress out should be enforced in all athletics.


    • Flip flops, beachwear, sliders, house shoes are not permitted.
    • Belts must be solid colored with a plain (non-military) buckle (less than 4 square inches)
    • No head coverings including hoods, hats, bandanas, do rags, scarves, etc.
    • No external/portable speakers are allowed at school.
    • No headphones in the hallway.
    • No sunglasses are to be worn inside the school.