•  Southern Hills

    Parent and Family Engagement Policy

       Fall  2021

    The SHES Parent Involvement Policy has been developed by the Southern Hills Team, with reference to the district policies regarding parent involvement. This is a “living” policy, as it may need to change and evolve. We welcome any suggestions to be considered for our policy. Feel free to drop by and offer suggestions any time.


    There are various ways the staff at SHES will assist you in staying involved at SHES. The responsibilities of the school staff will ensure that you have the most current, relevant information regarding your child’s/children’s education.


    1. Teacher Goals and Responsibilities
      1. Develop sound educational policies
      2. Implement programs
      3. Establish an effective evaluation process for the programs
      4. Establish clear, concise expected learning results
      5. Monitor results
      6. Provide high quality instruction and resources
      7. Provide timely information to parents and students


    1. Distribution Information
      1. This policy will be sent home as part of the Parent/Student Handbook.
      2. This policy will be available in enrollment packets and in the front office.
      3. Information related to school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities will be shared through notes sent home and the calendar sent each month.
      4. Classroom teachers will provide achievement test information during conferences and printed information will be sent home.


    1. Parent Participation
      1. Parents will receive materials and have opportunities to participate in Family Nights based on reading and math skills planned throughout the year.
      2. Parents will have opportunities to participate in school decision-making regarding the education of their children through: Open House, Leadership Team, safety committee and parent-teacher conferences.
      3. Barriers to parental participation will be addressed individually.
      4. Parents will be encouraged to work jointly with the school to develop a school-parent compact.
      5. The school will provide opportunities for meetings when parents request them.
      6. Following the school’s Visitation Policy, parents are encouraged to observe instruction and other school activities that involves their children.
      7. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in classrooms (with background checks)


    1. Meetings
      1. At the annual orientation meeting, parents will be informed of the school’s participation in the Title 1 program, including information about the requirements to be a Title 1 school.
      2. Parent meetings and conferences will be held at various times to meet the needs of families. Interpreters will be provided, as needed.



    The parent-school partnership is vital in determining school and student success. We look forward to working with you!