• Southern Hills

    2021-2022 Goals


    > 100% of students will score 80% or higher on grade-level math facts quiz.


    > 100% of students will make at least 1/2 year's progress in reading from Day 1 to Day 100.


    > 100% of students will score "proficient" or higher on the grade-level non-fiction writing assignment.


    > 100% of teachers will plan and implement effective standards-based lessons with meaningful and rigorous tasks for all students; analyzing data in PLCs. 


    > 100% of teachers will provide an engaging classroom environment, including equity sticks, meaningful checks for understanding, exit tickets, and small group including Guided Reading.


    > 100% of the Instructional Leadership team will create and maintain a positive climate and culture while providing fair, accurate, specific, and timely feedback weekly to every teacher; discuss and analyze standards-based lessons, assessments, and/or student work weekly in PLCs.