What is B.O.S.?

    B.O.S. is an acronym for The Brothers of Stomp.  A program that uses the art of stomping to develop young boys’ transition into manhood.  We do various community service projects and performances to display outstanding talent that these young men possess.  We also compete in various step show competitions across the Southwest and Midwest region.

    Our mission is to position young men, in a dangerous situation or status, in a positive atmosphere to optimize their academic and social potential.

    Our motto is:  we are about three things: precision, excellence and we let the last one speak for itself… We Put on a Shooow!

    We are not affiliated with any fraternal organization even though we use Greek letters to let people know that we are serious about our program as a service organization.  It also open up opportunities that we could not have without them.

    Our Vision is to become a model organization that is successful in reaching and positively affecting young men.

    Brothers of Stomp exemplify excellence and we are proud of this organization!

    Performing! Winners!