Welcome to the 2016-17 Star Spencer High School Athletics school year!

  • Star Spencer High School provides a great learning environment for each and every student that attends. The academic demands are high to provide a greater opportunity for the students after high school to be successful in any endeavor they pursue.


    Athletics provides many positive attribute in a young individual; develop self-esteem, leadership skills, social interactions and education about healthy lifestyle choices. A positive and strong work ethic can also emerge by being part of a team. Athletics can develop a greater sense of purpose to ones’ self by teaching teamwork, forgiveness, humility and excellence. High School athletics provides the chance for an individual to develop physically, mentally and socially.


    We expect to challenge and develop the student-athletics by providing great  opportunities in both practice and games situations. Our expectation is to have great scholar-athletics by the time they graduate from Star Spencer.


    Student-athletes, coaches and parents are all expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship, community involvement and a strong code of conduct. As the public holds student-athletes to a higher scrutiny we must work to demonstrate good judgment and a positive perspective of high school athletics. Success and pride will come from competing the right way.




    Kevin Edwards

    Athletic Coordinator