Prohibited Items

  • 1. *Any glass containers

    2. *Markers (Any type)

    3. *Liquid paper

    4. *Prank Items

    5. *Inappropriate magazines

    6.  Toys such as: stuffed animals, playing cards, dice, etc.

    7.  Electronic Devices (Phones are permitted turned off inside backpack or locker ONLY!  Only exception is with prior consent from a teacher to use during a designated time for a class project. It must be put away and turned off after project is complete for that allowed time frame and before leaving the classroom.)

    8. Flowers, Balloons, and Gifts

    9. Any Outside Food

    (Unless brought for school lunch ONLY must be consumed during assigned lunch period)

    10. Any Open Drinks

    11. CD’s and DVD’s

    12. Cameras

    13. *Laser Pointers

    14. *Belts with buckles larger than a credit card

    15. *Any gang related items

    The above items WILL BE CONFISCATED and may be retrieved by the parent or guardian.

    *Items will be thrown away