Remarkable Royals

  • Ms. Johnson’s Remarkable Royal — Thank you to all the teachers that helped organize and attended the 8th grade Prom Saturday—Ellison, Sy, Dray, Mr. and Mrs. Woodside, Tope, R. Williams, and Curry. AN EXTRA SPECIAL THANK YOU to Ms. Jackson and Grote for all the planning, decorations, and refreshments. You provided a night to remember for our students.


    Dr. Marand’s Remarkable Royal — 7-1 and 7-2 teachers for planning an outstanding fun picnic full of activities for our 7th grade students. I especially want to thank Ms. Karim for going of her way and purchased tennis rackets, balls and freebies for students to play during the cele-bration outside.


    Mr. O’Neal’s Remarkable Royal —Mr. Abello for his deliberate focus on teaching and learning in these final days.


    Mr. Rios’ Remarkable Royal — Miss Phillips for doing a remarkable job last week being agile and flexible. She was given a very special assign-ments last week and she's accepted the assignment with a positive attitude and did a very good job.