Family Engagement


    Connect with School Staff

    Call, email, or introduce yourself to the teachers and  principal.

    Give Feedback to the Teacher and School

    No one knows your child better than you — so it's important to take initiative and communicate that insight to the teacher throughout the school year.

    Attend Events

    Schools host many events throughout the year. 

    Read the Information that the Teacher and School Send

    Read the information that your child brings home and take note of important announcements and dates, such as back-to-school night and parent-teacher conferences. You can ask to receive information in your native language if necessary! 


    There are many ways you can volunteer at school. You can chaperone a field trip, serve as a school committee representative, help in your child's class, library, or in the school office.  

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    Read at Home

    Practicing reading at home with your students is one of the best ways to ensure your child succeeds!