Arthur Drop Off/Pick Up Map

Arthur Drop Off/Pick Up Procedures

  • Please be sure to refer to the map.

    DROP OFF:  

    Doors open at 8:00 am. Only Pre-K, kindergarten, and special education students will enter through the first set of doors (Door #1). They will have breakfast in their classrooms. All other grades will enter through the second set of doors (Door #9). They will then head to class or to the cafeteria to grab a breakfast bag to take it to class to eat.

    PICK UP:

    Car riders: Cars form a single line along 51st Street to pull into the school driveway. Please have your car tag visibly hanging and a staff member will come by and radio your number for teachers to bring your student out. Refer to the picture for grade level dismissal doors. Please remain in a single file line as that is all our drive exit will accommodate. PARENTS MUST REMAIN IN THEIR CARS.

    Walkers: Walkers will meet parents at the corner of 51st and Monte Place. Parking is only allowed along the school yard side curb on Monte Place. DO NOT PARK ON 51st STREET OR YOU WILL BLOCK THE CAR LINE.  Parents, please wait outside of the fence.  Pre-K parents will be asked to come inside the fence to get their students. Staff will wait with students until 3:20 before returning to the front office with any students not picked. Rain or shine the walkers will always dismiss the same way unless there is a severe storm.