Building Hours

  • 7:35 am - 2:25 pm   

About Douglass

  • Grades Served - 9-12                                                                                                                                                                                        

    School Mascot: Trojans

    Other School Facts:

    • Year Built - 2006
    • Named After - Abolitionist Frederick A. Douglass                                                                                                             
    • Board District - 5
    • State Senate District - 48
    • State House District - 99
    • County Commissioner District - 1
    • City Council Ward - OKC 7    

Douglass Creed

  • I believe in Douglass High School and the things for which it stands; Health in mind and body, service to others and to myself, social adjustment, economic security and reverence for the spiritual.

    I believe in achievement and will continuously strive to accomplish what I set out to do.

    I believe in loyalty to our school and its traditions.

    I pledge upon my honor to help in all its undertakings; in all that makes it a stronger and nobler school.

    And I promise to do all in my power to become a student to match its ideals

"Rise up O Douglassites"

  • Rise up O Douglassites!
    Let service be your creed,
    Be ever loyal to your school,
    In thought and word and deed.

    Rise up O Douglassites!
    Stand for the true, the good
    Fight against evil, wrong, and pelf,
    And work for brotherhood.

    Rise up O Douglassites!
    Extend the School's great fame;
    Make her a stronger, nobler place,
    Give honor to her name.

    Rise up O Douglassites!
    To set aloft bright wisdom's torch
    and high ideals pursue. Amen.