How Parents Can Help


    • Participate in the Parent-Teacher Association/Organization – Join our school’s PTA and support parents through activities like book fairs, curriculum nights, and fundraising. Contact your school for more information or click here to view the OKCPS PTA webpage.



    • Visit the school regularly – Don’t wait for a special occasion! Get to know your child’s teacher and principal. Come by for lunch or visit the classroom. We want to get to know you. Quality learning requires meaningful two-way communication.


    • Advocate for Your Child – You know your child better than anyone. Help us to learn more about him or her. Make sure the teacher, principal and staff know about any special needs your child may have. Attend parent-teacher conferences. Send a note to the teacher. Contact school staff anytime you have a question or concern.


    • Create an Enriched Learning Environment at Home – Did you know that the home is a classroom, too? Many learning opportunities happen in the home and community, as well as at school. Offer different kinds of reading material – magazines, newspapers or an encyclopedia, if possible, as well as books. This enhances vocabulary and develops critical thinking skills.


    • Have Family Fun! Spend a few minutes every day simply being together and enjoying each other’s company. Listen to your child. Let your child pick up an activity to do with you, like a game or a walk or just talking. No one in the world can offer your child what you can. Remind your child that you belong to each other.


    Families can make a significant difference in children’s learning and academic success.


    The following are some important facts:

    • Students spend approximately 90% of their time from birth to age 18 outside of school
    • When families are involved in schools, reading test scores are higher.
    • If a family values education and encourages learning, they can raise successful learners, regardless of their income-level.