About John Marshall

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    Serves High School students in grades 9th through 12th.

    School Hours
    7:35 am - 2:25 pm

    School Mascot: Bears

    Established in 1948

    School Named for: John Marshall, U.S. Supreme Court Justice

    Other School Facts:

    • Located in Board District 2
    • US Congressional District 5
    • State Senate District 40
    • State House District 83
    • County Commissioner District 3
    • City County Ward OKC 2

    Directions and Boundaries Map: 
    Exit on 122nd off Hefner Parkway, go west on 122nd. School is on the corner of 122nd and Portland

    John Marshall Boundaries Map

    What's In a Name:
    John Marshall was born on September 24,1755. At 25, he was licensed to practice law and thereafter began a political career. He was elected to the Virginia legislature and later served as a U. S. Congressman from Virginia. He was also named Secretary of State.

    In 1801, Marshall was appointed Chief Justice of the United States. He was said to “have made the court Supreme.” Marshall’s opinions on the court were always preceded with careful thought and study, yet he signed into law more decisions than any other justice of the Supreme Court. His wisdom was widely regarded, and he is considered a man who put the interest of his country above all else. His wisdom and foresight helped to strengthen the then-untried U. S. Constitution, and his effect on constitutional law was profound. Upon his death on July 6,1835, the Liberty Bell was rung as a memorial; it cracked inexplicably.