About Wheeler Elementary

  • Building Hours: 8:20am-3:10pm

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    Deserae Jackson

    Assistant Principal 
    Amy Ohlheiser

    School Hours
    8:20 am - 3:10 pm

    Serves students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through Sixth.

    School Mascot: Tigers

    Established in 1910

    School Named for: Joseph Wheeler, General

    What's In a Name:
    Joseph Wheeler was born near Augusta, Georgia on September 10, 1836. He graduated from West Point in 1859, but resigned his commission in the U. S. Army to join the Confederate forces in 1861. His skill and energy earned him the rank of Lieutenant General and Commander of the Confederate cavalry in the western theater.

    Only 28 at the end of the war, Wheeler became a planter and lawyer in Alabama. From there he was elected for several terms in Congress where he was an outspoken advocate of reconciliation between the North and South.

    When the Spanish-American War broke out, he returned to the U. S. Army as a Major-General. He retired in 1901 as a Brigadier-General. Wheeler died on January 25, 1906.

    Other School Facts:

    • Located in Board District 5
    • US Congressional District 5
    • State Senate District 46
    • State House District 94
    • County Commissioner District 1
    • City County Ward OKC 7

    2015-2016 Wheeler Schoolwide Theme


    Honorable, Hardworking
    Everyday People
    Our Goals For

    Wheeler Educator Creed
    We are the Wheeler Tigers. As educators, we are a team of responsible, compassionate, and enthusiastic professionals. We respect, value and encourage others in and out of the classroom. We must be accountable for our choices. We realize our actions affect others. We have the power to build up or break down our team. We learn by researching best practices, observing and collaborating with others. Our learning is enhanced through reflection on our teaching and student learning. As educators, we facilitate learning opportunities that engage the whole child. We will learn from our mistakes as we strive for excellence and achieve our dreams.

    Wheeler Elementary Vision
    We are Wheeler and we are the future.
    We believe the future starts now. We will work to prepare our students for the future that they want and deserve.
    We believe all Wheeler students are college bound, responsible members of society who give back to others.
    We believe our students will grow academically, socially, emotionally, and creatively throughout their life-long learning journeys.
    We believe our Wheeler families, staff, students, and community must have high expectations of academic performance and social behavior for our children to be all they can and want to be.
    We believe we are responsible for teaching our students the value of hard work, respect for self and others, how to learn, and be acccountable for themselves.
    We believe our students learn best in an environment where they feel safe, respected, and are able to actively share in the student/parent/teacher learning process. This is accomplished through the use of a variety of authentic, performance-based, differentiated instruction and assessments as well as self-reflection.
    We believe our curriculum should be aligned from pre-k through sixth grade to insure our students do not leave us with gaps in their learning and are fully prepared to be lifelong learners.
    We believe all teachers need time, resources, and professional development in order to provide the best instructional strategies for every individual student.