Greystone Upper Elementary

  • School Hours: 8:20am-3:10pm

    Breakfast: 7:45am-8:10am

    School Named for: Neighborhood
    Building Established in 1965
    Serves students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 6th
    School Mascot: Grizzly Bears
    Other School Facts:

    • Located in Board District 1
    • US Congressional District 5
    • State Senate District 40
    • State House District 99
    • County Commissioner District 3
    • City County Ward OKC 2

    School Song:
    Rise excellence at GSU rise up
    Be everything that's good and true
    We know at GSU we'll do our best to try
    To reach all our goals and keep our standards high
    Rise excellence at GSU rise up be everything that's good and true
    We know at GSU we really can achieve
    When we reach all our goals we know
    We can succeed!
    Rise up to excellence at GSU
    Rise up be everything that's good and true...
    Rise up...rise up...RISE UP!

    School Creed:
    I am a Greystone Upper Elementary School Student.
    I have great expectations for myself.
    I accept the challenge to become the best that I can be.
    Yesterday's failures are behind me.
    Today's successes are now before me.
    I will make the very best day of all, for this day begins the rest of my life.
    I accept the responsibility for my behavior and its results.
    I do not have the right to interfere with learning and wel-being of others.
    With my family and teachers,
    I will determine what I will become.
    For the education I receive today will make me a leader of tomorrow.