ConnectEd iPad Program

  • Students with iPads


    Oklahoma City Public Schools is excited to partner with Apple Inc. and provide every Arthur Elementary student with a new iPAD. Providing students with the necessary technology will help students learn in the ways they learn best and sharpen their technology skills.


    Your student’s iPad will open a new world of learning possibilities. It will also give your student -- and you -- important new responsibilities. In the pages that follow, we introduce you to your student’s new iPad, explain expectations and responsibility needed to care for this technology, answer some questions you and your student may have, and list the most important rules for using it safely.


    An iPad is a powerful technology device. When each student has an iPad just for his or her own use, the device can be personalized to meet individual interests and learning styles.


    iPads include a camera, wireless internet, a word processor, and access to all sorts of easy-to-use software applications (known as “apps”). iPads also come with built-in features that make learning easy and enjoyable for everyone.


    Internet access at home is not required. Everything a student needs to use an iPad after school can be downloaded during the school day. iPads are easy to carry and their batteries last a long time, so learning can take place anywhere.


    Personalized learning is a process of discovering how each student learns best. Some students need to hear a lesson more than once. Others need to see the lesson. One student may be ready for an advanced lesson while another in the same grade needs to practice the basics. A lesson that features a student’s race, culture or language can make learning more meaningful.


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