Special Programs

  • Advanced Placement Courses
    Advanced placement courses are offered in several subject areas. These courses require college level work and students should be of the highest caliber. Students are required to take an advanced placement exam near the end of the school year. If they pass the exam, students could potentially receive college credit.
    American Indian Education Program
    The mission of Indian Education is to support the unique educational and culturally related academic needs of American Indians.

    Concurrent Enrollment
    Concurrent Enrollment courses are offered through the University of Central Oklahoma. One to two courses are offered each semester on our campus. If interested see a counselor to sign up. Please see the concurrent enrollment requirements- concurrent enrollment requirements.docx

    English Language Learners
    This is a service provided for students when English is their second language.

    Finance Academy
    If you are an incoming Freshman and are interested in finance, sign up for the finance academy.  Tell your counselor of your interest when enrolling and they will make sure you are in the correct classes.

    Metro Technology Centers offers academic and skill training free of charge in the areas of technology, business, education, health, public safety, vehicle services. There are many more programs, so speak to your counselor for more details.

    Night School
    The Night School Program is provided through the district. The district determines the location of the classes and the courses that are provided each semester. Courses can be taken to make up lost credits or you can take classes never taken. There is a tuition cost. See a counselor for details.

    Tech Now is a program designed to encourage students with disabilities to explore post-secondary education and careers related to technology. The curriculum includes classroom instruction, field trips to local technology-related businesses, mentorship from local business leaders, and computer project competitions. Students participating in the program are eligible for scholarships and cash awards provided by local businesses, the Oklahoma Department of Career Technology, and the Oklahoma Regents for Higher Education.

    All teachers have specified days each week for tutoring. Please contact them to set up a time. A bus is provided on Mondays and Thursdays after school for students that stay for tutoring.

    Vocational Rehabilitation Services
    VRS provides comprehensive, coordinated, effective, efficient and accountable services needed by eligible individuals with disabilities to prepare for, enter, engage in and retain employment consistent with each individual's strengths, resources, priorities, concerns, abilities, capabilities and informed choice. At the age of 16 students who are served with an IEP may be eligible to become clients. See your case manager for details.

    Work Study
    This program is exclusively for special education students where they work in jobs within the school environment with job coaching. The program is funded through vocational rehabilitation but the students are OKCPS employees. Students should see their case manager to see if they qualify for the program.