Off-Site Evacuation

  • What is an Off-Site Evacuation?
    This procedure is to be used in the event that it becomes unsafe to remain on campus for any reason.

    What happens in the event of an Off-Site Evacuation?
    The principal will order an off-site evacuation after contacting the Regional Education Director (RED).  Classes will be dismissed over the school’s public address system (PA) or by messenger.  Teachers will take their classes and proceed to Our Lord’s Community Church.  One administrator will remain at the school to liaison with emergency providers.  We will work quickly and efficiently to return to campus or to reunify students with their families (see plan below)

    Parent Reunification Plan
    If it becomes necessary to reunify students with their parents/guardians at the off-site facility, the following procedures will apply:

    1. Parents will not be allowed to remove students from the time an emergency is declared until the students are safely in their off-campus site.
    2. Students will be kept in an area separate from the location that the parents will ask for their child’s release.
    3. If there are injured students, a private area will be set aside for informing the parents of the child’s injuries and their location.  The same guidelines apply to injured staff.
    4. Positive parental identification is required before a child is released from school custody.  The same principles should guide the removal of students by parents or guardians as during the normal school day.