• Dear 6th Grade Parents / Guardians,

    My name is Mrs. Reed and I want to welcome you to the Belle Isle family. I am the school nurse and will also have your child in Health Class for 9 weeks. I am an RN and received my Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Oklahoma City University in 1988. This is my 13th year at Belle Isle.


    The most recent national obesity statistics rank adult Oklahoman’s 6th and Oklahoma’s children 17th. Currently one third of 10-17 year olds are over weight or obese. It is estimated that 50% to 80% of obese teens become obese adults. Individuals who are obese suffer higher rates of diabetes, apnea and heart disease. They also deal with emotional problems related to altered body image, depression and poor self-esteem. My plan for this year is to arm your children with information that they can use on a daily basis to improve their state of health and remain healthy throughout their lives.


    I will teach some lessons from the textbook, use handouts and videos, and also schedule guest speakers on various topics. Nutrition will be the main emphasis of the class. We will discuss:


    · 6 main nutrients

    · Good fats vs. bad fats

    · Reading food labels

    · Portion distortion

    · Snacking

    · Caffeine and energy drinks

    · Obesity in a bottle

    · Fast food


    We will also be learning about the new “MyPlate” guidelines that are replacing the Food Guide Pyramid. Other topics being covered are “what is health”, stress, suicide, body image and self-esteem, eating disorders, puberty, drugs, alcohol and tobacco.


    Your child will be required to maintain a health folder. We will add to the folder daily and they will turn it in periodically for a grade.


    I will use the movie Super Size me as a teaching tool. I have purchased a copy that has been edited for school use and also has lesson plans.


    I am looking forward to a great year! Please feel free to contact me at anytime at 587-6600 or


    Mrs. Reed