Parent and School Compact

  • Dear Parents/Guardians,


    One of the most important goals of Britton I.T. Elementary School is to establish a positive and supportive learning environment in which our students feel safe, secure, and have maximum opportunities to learn. Our focus is on teaching students to be successful academically and socially, as well as, helping them understand how appropriate behavior is expected of everyone while at school. In order to promote and maintain this environment we hold the following high expectations for student behavior: 


    • All students will come to school prepared to learn. This means that they will arrive on time, ready to participate in class, and equipped with all necessary supplies. 


    • All students will respect the rights, learning, and safety of others. This includes treating others with kindness, empathy, and respect, and being mindful of their classmates' personal space and belongings. 


    • All students will respect the property of the school as well as the property of others. This means that they will not damage, tamper with, or misuse any school or personal property.


    At Britton I.T., we believe in fostering good character in our students. Morning Meetings are held each day in every classroom to build relationships between students and teachers. We use restorative conferencing with our students to work on individual needs such as conflict resolution, anger management, and emotional hygiene. Second Step lessons are taught by our teachers and counselors to build social-emotional skills, empathy, and problem-solving. Britton I.T.’s school-wide PBIS rewards program recognizes students for meeting behavior expectations from anywhere in the school — not just the classroom. Students earn points for positive behavior and are able to make purchases from our PBIS store. In addition to the above, Britton I.T. has partnered with several outside agencies to meet the needs of our families. PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports.


    Discipline at Britton I.T.

    Discipline is an important aspect of maintaining a positive and safe learning environment.The administration and staff of Britton I.T. will administer the discipline policy consistently and equitably for each student. The OKCPS Student Code of Conduct provides the information we use when determining consequences for behavior infractions. This document contains specific details and guidelines we abide by when issuing all discipline consequences. As a parent/guardian, you are expected to familiarize yourself with all district policies that pertain to your child. The Student Code of Conduct can be found by visiting our district website: and clicking on the ‘Families and Community’ tab at the top of the main page. Once there, scroll down to the letter ‘S’ and click on the ‘Student Code of Conduct’ link. 


    It is important that everyone understands the expectations of a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning. Thus, any student who disrupts the classroom learning environment that prevents his or her teacher from teaching will result in disciplinary action per the Student Code of Conduct. Learning is a partnership between the teacher, parent, and student. We encourage you to be actively involved in your child’s education and to communicate regularly with your child’s teacher regarding any concerns or questions. 


    Thank you for entrusting us with your child's education. We value your support and look forward to working together to help all our students achieve their full potential.

    Mrs. Susan Carlsen, Principal 

    Britton I.T. Elementary