Special Programs

  • Telstar only uses curriculum that is scientifically research based to ensure high quality materials. The teachers use the State of Oklahoma PASS/Plus skills as guidelines for the required skills each student must master every school year.  They also follow the Oklahoma City Public School District Pacing Guides to ensure that the students are mastering their skills in a timely manner.  We use data from tests, mini assessments, unit assessments and other factors to monitor the students mastery of skills and provide intervention for students that need extra support to master skills.  It is critical that you support your student's education by providing them with a set schedule and place where they must complete homework and read daily.  Reading is the key to success and like riding a bike, it take hours and hours of practice to become proficient.


    Some of the programs we offer to help student's succeed and build skills:

    • In-class tutoring in Intervention Groups
    • Computers on Wheels with various programs to build skills
    • Interactive Technology with Smart Boards, Smart Response Systems, Document Readers & computers 
    • Gifted Education for students that need enrichment beyond the regular classroom instruction.
    • Reading Sufficient Act and Reading Plan for Improvement for students in K-3rd grades
    • Safe School and Emergency Response Plans with practice drills monthly to ensure a fast response if the need arises.
    • Safety Net - Meeting with parents to set up a plan to help their child succeed with plans for school and home.
    • School Uniforms that foster a safe, comfortable environment for all students.
    • Title I plan for improvement and materials to help students build skills and experience academic success
    • Safe and Healthy School Committee to educate and  promote an active and healthy lifestyle for students
    • Tutoring/Mentoring to help struggling students build low skills
    • Boys and Girls Club of America with in-school and after-school tutoring
    • Boy Scouts of America
    • Great Expectations to foster a positive and respectful environment and to build social skills in students.
    • Health Screenings and Ocean Dental to help monitor and provide resources to parents
    • After school events to promote parental involvement such as The STAND dinner and meetings, Math/Science Night, Open House, PTA Meetings, Title I Parent Meetings, RSA Parent Meetings and Test Taking Strategies Night.