Follow Their PAWS
  • What are PAWS?

    PAWS are our expectations for our Bodine scholars. All scholars are taught these expectations throughout the year at every grade level. Scholars know our expectations are high for them because we believe in their ability to make their school a better place for all of us. 

    What does PAWS stand for? 

    P: Polite and Respectful

    A: Act Responsibly

    W: Work Together

    S: Make Safe Choices

    How can I help reinforce PAWS at home for my scholar? 

    Our PAWS matrix below is a great resource to help go over school expectations with your scholar. We believe providing consistency and being a team in setting these expectations will help our scholars succeed every school year. 

    Our PAWS posters below are a more visual way to go over our expectations with your scholar and are also posted throughout the school building! Going over with these posters with your scholar can also make it easier to remember their school expectations when they see them in person throughout the school day. These posters are in hallways, restrooms, the cafeteria, and shown in the classroom. 

PAWS Matrix