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1/25/2021 Safety Reminders for Families

OKCPS Families, 

Now that our PK-4th graders, alternative education students and our special education students who are served in self-contained classrooms have been back to school for in-person learning and, as we prepare for our 5-12th graders to return next week, we want to share a couple important safety reminders with OKCPS families. 

If someone in your household has COVID like symptoms and/or has received a positive COVID-19 test, please DO NOT send your child to school. This also includes the timeframe someone in the household might be waiting on results of a test. Keep your child home and contact the school to report this as a “close contact” exposure. The school will provide you with information about receiving instruction during a required isolation period based on the CDC guidelines OKCPS is following. 

If your child is sick, has a fever or any other COVID like symptoms, please keep them home and contact the school for further guidance. 

Face masks that cover both the nose and mouth are required for all staff, students and visitors. A face shield may be worn in addition to a face mask, but not in place of. If your child has unique circumstances that prevent them from wearing a face mask, please contact your child’s school to make accommodations. 

While we are excited to have our students back for in-person learning, we must do so safely and responsibly. We all have to work together and stay vigilant with our hygiene and safety practices. You can learn more about the district’s expectations for health and safety by visiting

Thank you for your continued support of OKCPS.