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  • Student Transfer Process

    • District Transfer Form - View Form
      Required for all transfer students.  The only form required for OKCPS resident students.  

    • Emergency Transfer Form - View Form
      Required for most current school year for students who live outside the district.  This transfer is valid for the current school year.  Student must reapploy for following school year.

    • Open Transfer Form - View Form
      Required between January 2 and May 31 for following school year for students who live outside the district.  This transfer is valid for multiple years as long as enrollment is continuous.

    All parents or guardians of OKCPS resident and non-resident students seeking transfer to an OKCPS school first visit the school they would like their children to attend and submit the District Transfer Application. If space is available at the school and reviews of students' school attendance and discipline histories are satisfactory, principals sign forms to approve the transfers.


    If Student is:

    • An OKCPS District Resident - When principal signs form, transfer is completed. No additional actions are required. Transfer application is filed in student’s cumulative folder.

    • A Resident of a District Other than OKCPS - Parent takes signed form in person to Student Services at 900 N. Klein and completes the State of Oklahoma Transfer Form. The request is entered into the Oklahoma Statewide Student Information System and parent is provided with a transfer number to take back to the school.


    There are two types of transfers for non-resident students:


      • Emergency Transfers - Once non-resident parents submit emergency transfer applications to attend current school year, the students' resident districts have 10 days to approve or deny the transfer. Emergency transfers are valid for only the current school year.
      • Open Transfers - Applications for the next school year are accepted from January 2 to May 31 and are valid for successive years.