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Notification of Bed Bugs Case at Arthur Elementary

Arthur Families,

On Friday, we were made aware of a situation involving bed bugs at Arthur. Immediately after being notified that an Arthur staff member had bed bugs, the employee was sent home. The OKCPS custodial teams completed a deep cleaning and extermination service process over the weekend. 

We do not have an infestation on the campus, but we did want to make you aware of the situation. Our primary concern is the safety of our students and staff.  

Here is some useful information on bed bugs:  

  1. Bed bugs do not carry diseases
  2. Bed bugs are active at night when we sleep.
  3. Bites are painless, but can leave a small flat or raised bump on the skin.
  4. Symptoms of bug bites include: redness, swelling and itching.
  5. Typically no treatment is required.

How to get rid of bed bugs:

  1. Requires a pest control expert.
  2. Pest control experts may recommend low-odor sprays, dusts, and aerosol insecticides.
  3. Discard bug-infested mattresses.
  4. Deep cleaning may be recommended by pest control experts.

If you see evidence of bed bugs, please notify the school immediately and keep your student(s) home until you receive instructions from the school nurse or principal. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the School Nurse or the Arthur Administration at (405) 587-7600. 

The safety and security of our students and staff is a top priority. Thank you for your continued support of Arthur and OKCPS.