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OKCPS Congratulates District Retirees!

As we close out the 2019-2020 school year, we would like to celebrate and congratulate our more than 100 OKCPS retirees. Due to health and safety measures, we were unable to host our annual Retirement Reception this year. We would like to take a moment to honor these dedicated, talented employees and recognize them for their many years of hard work and commitment to our families, students and communities.

From transporting our students to and from school every day, feeding students, teaching in the classroom, coaching our young athletes, maintaining our buildings, or serving in one of our administrative functions -- these  #TeamOKCPS members made a difference in our students' lives. And for that, we thank you.

While you will be missed by all of us at OKCPS, we hope that this new chapter will bring you many new and exciting opportunities. We are deeply grateful for your service and thank you for believing in OKCPS and entrusting your careers to us.  

Congratulations and best wishes, retirees. Here's to the future and all the possibilities that come with it!

Congratulations To Our Retirees!

Ms Tonya Ann Brackeen
Ms Mariana D Cuesta
Ms Kristi L Karr
Mr Michael J Joseph
Ms Cheryl C Campbell
Ms Donna M Stevens
Ms Neva L Mathis
Mr Kevin A Ponce
Ms Belinda K Christ
Mr Jessie Potters III
Ms Kristy A Hawkins
Ms Kristi S. Stone
Ms Imelda P Thomas
Mr Simon Barrientes Jr
Ms Velma Jean Byers-Mims
Ms Catherine D Carter
Ms Lisa G Washburn
Ms Margaret V Ivy
Ms Rebecca Dawn Owens
Ms Susan - Curren
Ms Marla J Shepherd
Ms Debra A Huffman
Ms Belinda K Thornton
Ms Pauline - Wright
Mr Thomas L Breckenridge
Mr Jake B Simmons
Mr Steven W Laird
Ms Cynthia L Dahlgren
Ms Patsy Ruth Freeman-Bowie
Mr Matthew L Rice-Johnson
Ms Linda Beth Mulzet
Ms Jeannette C McPhail
Ms Robbie J Osborne
Mr Antonio A Scott
Ms Susan M Fuller
Ms India Elaine Freeman
Ms Tuyet T Bolin
Ms Sherian D Smith
Ms Terry L Gill
Dr Gloria Anderson
Ms Delois J Riley
Ms Barbara A Lowery
Ms Joann K Black
Ms Pamela K Rodgers
Ms Trudye Lynette Ruffin
Ms Suzanne A Hobson
Ms Valerie L List
Ms Peggy L Washington
Mr Martin W Fint
Ms Rebekah A Rupert
Ms Marcia J Frank
Mr William D Alexander
Mr Charles W Grillo
Ms Kathy L Madron
Mr Prinson L Poindexter
Ms Belinda L Wall
Ms Joan Arleen Kreimeyer
Mr Amos - Patty Jr
Ms Janell L Greear
Ms Sandra K Gooden
Ms Linda J Mitchell
Ms Pam A Kramer
Mr Robert A Wodraska
Ms Marsha D Taylor
Ms Shelly J Ferguson
Ms Deborah Jean Brown
Ms Nancy Gale Truelove
Mr Billy D McMeans
Ms Fayetta J Freeman
Ms Pamela S McKinney
Ms Sheryl J White
Ms Diana B Simons
Mr James C Taylor
Ms Jeannie I Pearson
Mr Stephen Lenard Lacey
Mr David G Jones
Ms Jeanette L Akers
Ms Stephanie H Toney
Ms Elizabeth J Hepburn
Ms Rochelle M Whittington
Ms Denise K Caton
Ms Kathleen D Liner
Ms Cynthia F Brown
Ms Lynnette Weathers
Mr Jon Patrick Mulzet
Ms Sarah E Coley
Mr Stephen E Washam
Ms Lisa K Dysinger
Ms Mary L Cornelius
Ms Joanna D Rasp
Ms Teri L Bell
Mr Frantz R Stanfield Jr
Ms Jackie E Christian
Ms Laverne McIntosh Edmond
Ms Jackie E Christian
Ms Emily Anna Sewell
Ms Mary Pipps Cloos
Ms Bonnie D Green
Ms Colleen D Stark
Ms Freda A Henderson
Mr Joe D Atwood
Ms Shirley J Flowers
Ms Robyn L Vrana
Mr Christopher D Schaben
Ms Vickie L Wilson
Ms Judith K Belew
Ms Juana A Lopez
Ms Joan Carol Chambers
This list was provided by Human Resources and only includes employees who submitted their paperwork to Human Resources to retire in the 2019-2020 school year.