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Superintendent Recommends Final Path for P2G

This afternoon, I shared my Final Path recommendation for OKCPS to reinvent our District. For more than a year, OKCPS has been on this journey together to design a future where our students are served equitably and have access to more educational opportunities and support services -- regardless of their zip code.
It hasn't been easy, but I am so grateful that our staff, our families and our community, have been willing to share ideas, concerns, and considerations along the way. We have been able to respond to a number of great ideas from our stakeholders to make the plan better. By placing our trust in each other and by leaning into difficult conversations, we've been able to chart a Final Path that will lead to new levels of success for all of our students. The plan isn't perfect, but no plan is. It is solid, bold, and a vast improvement that has been years in the making. We have 45,000 reasons to say YES and move forward for our students.
If you were unable to join us this afternoon, you can watch the archived livestream from the board work session on the district's YouTube channel.
To help ensure our families and community are familiar with the Final Path, OKCPS will also host a final round of informational meetings next week before the Board of Education votes on March 4.
This week's winter weather impacted our schedule a bit, so please take a moment to note the new dates/times:
  • Monday, February 25th - 6:30 pm at Capitol Hill *Presented in Spanish
  • Tuesday, February 26th - 6:30 pm at U.S. Grant
  • Wednesday, February 27th - 6:30 pm at NW Classen
As I have said many times, the outcome of our Pathway to Greatness project will impact every student, staff member and family in OKCPS. New school boundaries, consolidations or closures, grade band changes and repurposing of school buildings to meet other needs in the community are big changes. But, I hope that our families and community will embrace the opportunities and possibilities that P2G offers.
Through the trade-ups our children will have access to more learning opportunities and to added social supports. Our teachers will be better supported too with trade-ups like smaller class sizes in grades K to 6th. We will be working to match community partners to use our repurposed buildings for community health centers, early childhood centers, and other positive assets to our neighborhoods.This work will ensure that all students have access to quality learning environments and other resources they need to be successful in the classroom and in life.
I know it's been a long journey, and you're feeling a bit weary. But I encourage you to keep your eye on the horizon. OKCPS' Pathway to Greatness is paved with increased access to learning opportunities, more social supports and better support for teachers -- and those building blocks will mean a brighter future for OKCPS and for our entire city.
-Dr. Sean McDaniel
Superintendent of Schools